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Headshot of Jessica Curiale

Jess Curiale

Senior Graphic Designer


"Graphic design is the art of turning ideas into visual experiences, where imagination meets innovation and creativity dances with communication."

A Bit About Me

A talented and thoughtful graphic designer, Jessica joined Arable after working as a photographer and graphic designer at a national toy store. A graduate of Conestoga College’s graphic design program, Jessica was actively involved on campus, bringing the college’s story to life as a photographer and social media content creator.


Jessica is always looking for new and different ways to approach a new challenge while keeping a close eye on deadlines, business objectives and strategies. Whether it’s creating marketing materials for a non-profit in Nicaragua or laying out an annual report for a large corporation, her attention to detail and ability to bring a project together is second to none.


Like many talented photographers, Jessica would rather be behind the camera than in front of it. But her photos would paint a picture of someone who loves camping with her family, puzzles and playing board games. 

Rapid Fire Questions

Purpose: To create visually stunning and captivating designs that leave a lasting impression.


Proficiencies: Typography, Layout, Accessibility

Personality: Reliable, Adaptable, Enthusiastic


Passion: Camping. Family. Puzzles

Pursuit: Visit every Ontario Provincial Park

Partiality: Mom and Pop restaurants. Reading in a hammock at a campsite. My collection of house plants.

Peculiarity: I am an avid digitabulist - ask me about it!


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