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Cattle at Sunrise


Over the past decade, Arable’s collaboration with the Dairy Farmers of Ontario's Dairy Education group has been a fun and rewarding journey of creating comprehensive educational and experiential materials to support their extensive network of Dairy Educators across the province. 


Our multifaceted involvement has spanned a wide range of creative and logistical projects, including the thoughtful design of educational resources, strategic product sourcing, and capturing dairy farming best practices through on-farm photography and videography. We have worked closely with the client team to bring dairy education to life through engaging character-driven animations and immersive educational exhibit designs. These efforts have not only enhanced educational outreach initiatives but have also deepened the connection between students and the vibrant world of dairy farming in Ontario.


In the growing world of digital education, the intersection of creativity and learning often produces the most memorable experiences. This was precisely the vision behind “Milk Club,” an innovative platform created by Dairy Farmers of Ontario to provide accurate and engaging information and resources to Ontario students on local dairy farming and local milk. 


Arable was hired to produce a series of custom animations and animated promotional videos featuring the charming "Milk Moo-vers", character illustrations designed to captivate and educate in equal measure.


The animations are integrated into the Milk Club platform, which hosts a variety of interactive features such as recipes that kids can make on their own or with their families, learning modules that delve deeper into the local farming best practices, animal care, the nutritional science of milk, as well as discovery games that test students’ knowledge in fun, interactive ways. This multifaceted approach ensures that students are not just passive recipients of information but active participants in their learning journey.


To promote Milk Club and its resources, a targeted campaign was launched across social media platforms and educational networks. Highlight reels of the animations were shared, showcasing the fun and educational potential of the platform. The campaign was a resounding success, leading to a significant uptick in engagement across Ontario. 


The creation of the "Milk Moo-vers" animations for Milk Club exemplifies how digital tools and creative storytelling can be seamlessly integrated to enhance educational experiences, drawing inspiration from the digital and visual content they are familiar with and have come to expect.


Arable collaborated with the Ontario Dairy Education Program to create an impressive, barn-style exhibit to house a wide range of custom-designed interactive and educational features and activities to engage young people of various ages. 

This interactive display features several digital kiosks equipped with learning games and educational videos that provide insights into dairy farming. A highlight of the exhibit is a large-format video projection that offers a view into a real Ontario dairy barn, enhancing the visitor's experience with vivid, day-in-the-life-style farming scenes. The exhibit also includes interactive games designed to educate and entertain, a Dairycraft (the Ontario Dairy Education Program’s customized game built on the Minecraft education platform) gameplay demo, and a model biodigester that demonstrates sustainable farming practices,


Surrounded by a free-stall cow pen, the ambitious exhibit not only allows visitors to observe live milking sessions using a portable milkhouse, but also provides an up-close encounter with dairy cows and calves, for an immersive and memorable agricultural learning experience.

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