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Headshot of Eric Bargenda

Eric Bargenda

Design Director + Founder


"I love taking a client's brief, flipping it on its head and having them believe it's what they asked for in the first place"

A Bit About Me

A passionate and tireless advocate for thoughtful design, our Design Director is central to keeping the creative team motivated and focused. Eric methodically incubates an environment of creative excellence and works hard to cultivate the obsession with strategic design our studio team is known for.


A client and team favourite, Eric’s personal style shows a love for typography and an eye for fine detail. His signature grasp of the balance between form and function, and knack for combining diverse visual elements into structured compositions invite just the right amount of anarchy to keep his work fresh and provocative.


Eric is at his best making people comfortable with new visual ideas and forward-thinking design, helping clients and partners move their design communications strategy in bold new directions. His artistic passions extend beyond commercial design to his growing portfolio of collage and design-based fine art.

Rapid Fire Questions

Purpose: Setting the design strategy for the agency... and I've been known to design a thing or two. 


Proficiencies: Editorial & logo design as well as client service

Personality: Loud. Curious. Thoughtful.


Passion: Road trips. Famly. Collage.

Pursuit: Have a gallery showing of my collage work... and see a UFO!

Partiality: Cured meats. All day breakfast. Bad 80's horror movies.

Peculiarity: My alter ego is a level four tiefling bard named Eidolon (I play Dungeons & Dragons)


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